Redmine Backlogs v1.0.6

A Redmine plugin for agile teams

The supported platform is backlogs v1.0.6 (only!) with any combination of

Redmine2.2.4 and 2.3.2
Ruby1.9.3 and 2.0.0 for redmine 2.3.2
DatabaseSQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
OSLinux, source install of Redmine only
Platform-packaged installes, installs on Windows and pre-packaged distros such as Bitnami ought to work in principle, but are untested, and history shows that getting them to work requires a bit of effort on your account, and they are not supported. Also MsSql is not supported.

Redmine 1.4 and ChiliProject v3.3 will not be supported as backlogs requires rails 3.

If a supported version does not do what you expect it to do, or you have a feature request, please user our issue tracker. For all other versions, please use the forums.

Please remember that this is a volunteer effort and our time is limited; unless you are on the latest released version (currently v1.0.6) of the plugin on one of the supported versions above you are free to ask for support on the forums, but the help you get there is not a priority, nor an obligation. Sorry, but those are the breaks.